When it comes to protecting your pet’s health, wellness care is one of the most important aspects. Specifically, wellness care allows our staff to stay on top of any changes in your pet’s health and be proactive about them, rather than waiting until your pet begins to show signs or symptoms of a problem. As a result, we can more quickly and accurately diagnose health problems, diseases, and other conditions. This proactive approach, in return, may increase our ability to be able to successfully treat or manage health problems.

Of course, pet wellness care also focuses on making sure your pet leads the happiest and healthiest life possible. If you’re not already bringing your pet in at least once a year for wellness care, now is the time to start!

As part of our wellness care, we also offer vaccinations, which we can administer at the time of your pet’s exam as needed. Not sure which vaccines your pet needs? Simply bring in any existing veterinary paperwork you have for your pet and we’ll determine which vaccines are needed, as well as provide you with an updated vaccination schedule so you can plan accordingly for future appointments.