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Senior Pet Care From Your Fairhope Veterinarian

As your pet ages, they can develop chronic conditions and illnesses that can reduce their quality of life. As a pet owner, you can help prevent these problems by getting your pet the veterinary care he or she needs to stay healthy. By taking your pet to the Fairhope veterinarian on a regular basis, and by accommodating your pet’s needs at home, you can help improve your pet’s quality of life.

senior pet receiving vet care

Senior Pet Care Services

As your pet’s Fairhope and Daphne veterinarian, we offer specialized services for senior pets.

  • Wellness exams. Senior pets need to see the veterinarian more often than younger pets. We recommend bringing senior pets in for semi-annual wellness exams. Doing this helps us catch illnesses in their early stages. During wellness exams, we run labs and perform a full physical examination to look for signs of chronic conditions, parasitic infestations and more.
  • Dental care. As pets age, they may experience more dental care problems than they did in the past. Our dental care is designed to help keep your senior pet’s teeth and gums healthy. We remove plaque, fill cavities, perform tooth extractions and other services for older pets.
  • Vaccinations. Older pets need to be vaccinated regularly in order to stay safe from illnesses. We’ll track your pet’s vaccination schedule to ensure that your pet is getting the shots he or she needs to stay healthy.
  • Nutrition counseling. Older pets have different dietary requirements. Many older pets eat smaller portions of food and require less protein to stay healthy. We provide nutrition counseling to pet owners to ensure that their senior pets are getting the right nutrition for their needs.

What You Can Do For Your Senior Pet At Home

Some older pets need accommodations at home in order to stay comfortable and happy. These accommodations can also help your pet maintain independence into his or her old age.

  • Softer bed. Sometimes arthritis may make it difficult for your pet to sleep at night. A softer bed helps pad the joints and keep the bed comfortable.
  • Change of exercise routine. Older pets need light exercise in order to stay healthy. We recommend pet owners work with their veterinarians to devise a light exercise regimen that is right for their pet.
  • Increased trips to “do business.” Some older pets need to go to the bathroom more frequently than they used to. Letting your pet out more frequently can help your pet stay comfortable.

Contact Your Pet’s Veterinarian in Fairhope AL for Senior Pet Care

Senior pets need special care in order to stay healthy. As a pet owner with an older animal in Fairhope or in Daphne, we recommend bringing your pet in for wellness exams and checkups on a semi-annual basis. To make an appointment with your pet's veterinarian in Fairhope, contact Colony Animal Clinic today at (251) 928-7728.