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Spay and Neuter Surgery for Dogs and Cats

If you're like most pet owners, you may instinctively want to spare your pet from surgery unless the situation is absolutely critical. As a result, you may have dismissed spay and neuter surgery as a non-essential procedure -- when in fact it really can play a crucial role in your pet's future health. Here at Colony Animal Clinic, we're happy to provide area dogs and cats with safe, expertly-administered sexual sterilization surgery that can help secure a longer, happier, healthier life.

pit bull dog smiling

An Important Form of Pet Wellness Care

Spay and neuter surgery does far more than simply preventing pregnancy -- but that benefit alone would make it a valuable boon to pet wellness as applied to the animal community. Dogs and cats produce multiple babies per litter, and these puppies and kittens require homes, food and veterinary care. Most pet owners have limited capacities in these areas, which forces them to give the animals up to shelters. Even more, unfortunately, these shelters have no option but to kill millions of such animals each year. Pregnancy prevention raises the quality of life and amount of available resources for animals everywhere.

But spay and neuter surgery also has an immediate positive impact on your pet's wellness. By removing the reproductive organs, we're removing the risk for ovarian, uterine and testicular cancers, while lowering the risk of prostate disease, mammalian gland cancer, perianal tumors and other diseases. Additionally, removal of the sources of sex hormones relieves your pet of the frustration and obsessive behaviors (or rather misbehaviors) that accompany heat cycles. Your pet won't experience those tendencies toward aggression or nocturnal roaming that so frequently place intact dogs and cats into jeopardy. 

Leave Your Pet's Surgery to Colony Animal Clinic

While spaying and neutering are both significant surgeries, they're also very safe, well-understood outpatient procedures as performed here at Colony Animal Clinic. Neuter surgery involves a simple incision in the scrotum to remove the testes, a procedure that often takes just a few minutes. Spay surgery, which requires an abdominal incision to remove the uterus and ovaries, generally takes at least 20 minutes (and up to 90 minutes for some animals that are currently in heat). We will support your pet recuperation by providing the necessary medications, cervical collar, and other items to help prevent complications. Pets can be spayed and neutered as early as six months, but actual age for spay/neuter may change based on breed and physical health.

Need a Trusted Vet in Daphne, Fairhope and Surrounding Areas?

If you've been looking for a trusted vet in Daphne, Fairhope and surrounding areas, not only for spay and neuter surgery but for all of your pet's veterinary needs, you couldn't do better than Colony Animal Clinic. First-time patients even get a free consultation, so you take the opportunity to provide your pet some additional wellness care while getting to know us better. Call (251) 928-7728 today!