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Essential Prevention for Fleas, Ticks and Heartworms

Here at Colony Animal Clinic, our Fairhope veterinarian is a steadfast proponent of recommending that all animal owners take proactive measures to prevent infestations of fleas, ticks and heartworms. Preventive care is the best way to ensure that your pet lives a healthy, happy life. Our Daphne veterinarian clinic offers an array of effective products that can protect your pet from these pests year round.

kitten recieving feline vaccination

Simple Ways to Prevent Fleas, Ticks and Heartworms

Here in Fairhope, AL we see quite a few flea and tick infestations due to our generally temperate climate. With the use of a monthly treatment application or a constant wear collar, you can keep your pet flea and tick free. This is important to your pet’s health as fleas are not only uncomfortable but they can cause pet allergies and skin dermatitis problems. Ticks are right behind mosquitos as top transmitters of diseases including Lyme disease. Our Fairhope veterinarian may recommend these options for your pet.

Oral Flea and Tick Tablets: Typically, most pets like these tasty chewy ‘treats’ that offer 30 days of protection from external parasites within 48 hours of consumption. Oral tablets are perfect for pets with skin sensitivities.

Flea and Tick Collars: There are several options available of flea and tick collars that offer protection ranging from 6-8 months. While they start working with a day, it can take up to two weeks for full efficacy to occur. It’s recommended to remove them during baths or wet outings.

Topical Flea and Tick Solutions: Easy to apply and highly effective topical solutions are the most popular choice of conscientious pet owners. Simply apply the liquid in the tube in between your pet’s shoulder blades for relieve within 24 hours that will last up to a month.

Heartworm Preventatives: Our veterinarian in Fairhope, AL cannot stress enough how important heartworm prevention for pets is. While more common in dogs, cats can also become infected with this parasite. Heartworm treatment is challenging and rather costly, and cases in cats are almost always fatal. Fortunately, once a month oral preventives can protect against heartworms and other types of internal worms and parasites.

Combination Prevention for Fleas, Ticks, and Heartworms: There are a few all-in-one topical solutions that offer to keep all three of these pests at bay along with internal parasites and skin mites. If you’re looking for the ultimate convenience, this is your optimal choice.

Get Flea, Tick and Heartworm Prevention at Our Veterinarian in Fairhope, AL

Here at Colony Animal Clinic, we are a full service veterinary hospital prepared to help you with everything from preventive medicines to emergency animal surgery. Our Daphne veterinarian team consisting of Dr. Babette Dixon, Dr Heather Gill and Dr. William Morrison are looking forward to serving all of your pet needs. We offer no-obligation free consultations for first time patients, so call and schedule yours today at (251) 928-7728.