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Pet Preventative Care At Colony Animal Clinic

The most important part of being a responsible pet owner is making sure your dog or cat is protected from disease and parasites. At Colony Animal Clinic we recommend regular wellness exams for all of our patients. The pet exam is the perfect time for us to review your dog's or cat's immunity from dangerous parasites and germs, making pet preventative care a natural part of your pet's yearly schedule.

big dog getting vaccinated by vet

Fairhope Veterinarian Talks About Preventative Care

Preventing your pet from getting sick is a team effort, with both you and your Fairhope veterinarian working together to make sure your dog or cat lives a happy and healthy lifestyle. Your part of the effort consists of giving your pet healthy food, keeping it away from too many unhealthy treats, making sure it gets enough exercise and keeping it in a safe home environment. 

Our half of the job involves your pet's medical well-being. There are two types of preventative veterinary care: immunity from disease and preventing parasites. Disease is almost always the more serious of the two concerns, as untreated diseases can lead to serious illness or even death. The best way to make sure your dog or cat is safe from disease is to bring it in for its annual vaccinations. There are two types of vaccines: core and non-core. Core vaccines are those used with every pet, such as those for rabies or distemper. Non-core vaccinations are only given to pets that need them because of their usual environment. 

Preventing parasites can be a lifesaving procedure, as well. Not all parasites are as harmless as fleas. Ticks can harbor serious diseases, while heartworms can infest your dog's body and eventually kill it if they're not treated. We'll discuss parasite prevention for your pet with every wellness examination. We will give regular treatments to prevent fleas and ticks, and monthly heartworm medication that will prevent this deadly parasite from developing in your dog.

Looking for a Veterinarian in Fairhope?

You love your pet and want to make sure it lives a long and healthy life. That begins with regular visits to our veterinary clinic serving Fairhope, Montrose, Daphne, Spanish Fort and other Baldwin county areas. For most pets, that only means one yearly trip to our calm, stress-free office where our veterinarians will take care of all its health needs in one visit. We'll administer vaccinations, make sure your pet has the appropriate parasite prevention, and consult with you about any other health issues you might be concerned about.  Call our office at (251) 928-7728 and we'll make an appointment for you as soon as possible.